5 Major Causes of Dry Eyes

5 Major Causes of Dry Eyes

The redness in the eyes that comes with stinging and grainy sensations is called dry eyes.  This can occur to anyone at any age in their life. It makes the eyes extremely dry for two reasons. Either your eyes are not producing enough tears to make them wet, or the tears that are produced in the eyes get dried pretty quickly and evaporate.

The experts at the Masood Hospital say that dry eyes if left untreated can cause chronological issues that might last for longer periods of time and end up damaging the eyes permanently. A lot of people get better after just getting some home remedies for te=he treatment, others use over-the-counter medication that can give them relief. But it is very important to know the actual underlying causes that can cause dry eyes. To understand those, keep on reading the article.


The tears produced in the eyes are made up of water, mucus, and sebum but there are certain medications that are consumed by people which can generate a decrease in the production of sebum and mucus. This can cause extremely dry eyes that might get chronological in a lot of cases.

The medication that can cause dry eyes include, anti-depressants, beta-blockers, and Accutane used for skin. It is important to talk to your doctor when you are feeling the initial symptoms of dry eyes. The doctors can advise you to put artificial tears in the eyes.

Vitamin A Deficiency

Vitamin A is said to be very good for eye health. Foods rich in Vitamin A include carrots, fish, eggs, broccoli, and peppers. If you keep on consuming food items that are low in vitamin A then there is a high chance that it is causing you dry eyes. Other vision issues that might occur due to the efficiency of Vitamin A include night blindness and impairments.

In order to get it tested, you can go through a blood test to know the levels of vitamin A in the body.

Excess Use of Screen

If you are someone that has to go to an office every day for 8 to 9 hours and sit in form of the screen. Then let e tell you, you are prone to a number of eye diseases. By using laptops and computer screens you put a lot of od pressure and strain on your eyes. This can affect the ear ducts and make the tears get dry in the eyes causing dryness or what we call dry eyes.

It is also said that people who are working on computers all the time blink a lot less than those who dont. This then causes the tear ducts to dry by evaporating the tears. To prevent irritation and dryness in the eyes, you must use eye lubricants more frequently.


Hormones play a huge role in the proper functioning of the body including eye health. Some women complain about the symptoms that they feel during their pregnancy that indicates dry eyes, others say that after menopause hit them they started feeling their eyes getting extremely dry.

Some other women complained that after the use of birth control pills their tear ducts started contracting to cause dryness in the eyes. It is said that hormones okay a huge role in the production of tears however if the hormones are not balanced they can result in the production of no tears.

Autoimmune Diseases

There are a number of autoimmune diseases and conditions that can lead to dry eyes. These can be arthritis, diabetes, and even lupus. These can cause irritation by producing lesser tears. It is better to get these conditions diagnosed at the correct time in order to stay away from all the issues that might impact the eyes including dry eyes.

Final Thoughts

It is very important to know the causes of the diseases before getting them treated. Just like that with an organ like eyes, it is important to know what actually causes issues in the eyes. Dry eyes are not a very serious issue ut if left untreated can cause several chronicle issues. Make sure to visit your doctor to get it treated as soon as possible.

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