AARP Games: Cornerstones Of Your Daily Routine

AARP Games: Cornerstones Of Your Daily Routine

AARP Games is a site created by and for older adults, so they’re dedicated to providing straightforward fun games that’ll help you escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. In this article, I explore three of their older games: Solitaire, Crossword Puzzles, and Mahjongg.

Daily Game

For most people, their daily routine revolves around getting up, going to work, and coming home. But for those 65+ years old, there’s a lot more in life than just sitting around. This is where AARP Games come in – they offer fun ways to stay active and entertained, even when you can’t get out and about.

Some of the best AARP Games include Cranium Command (a cognitive game that requires quick reflexes), Wall Ball (an exercise that helps with balance and coordination), Boggle (a puzzle game that tests your mental agility), and Jenga (an easy-to-play tower block game). These games are not only entertaining, but they can also help build skills that will last a lifetime. So if you’re looking for something to keep you busy outside of your regular routine, give AARP Games a try – you won’t regret it!

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Puzzles and Brain Teasers

Regular puzzles and brain teasers with an AARP twist can help make your day more productive. Here are 10 of our favourites: 

  1. Jigsaw Puzzle #1: AARP Edition

This puzzle has pieces that are different shapes but all have one common feature – they’re all AARRPs! Find all the AARP-themed pieces to complete the puzzle, and be sure to jibe them into the matching slots on the board.

  1. Jigsaw Puzzle #2: Cats & Kittens

This delightful piece features playful cats and kittens in various activities. Match up the felines to their corresponding spots on the jigsaw puzzle board, and watch as their cuteness takes centre stage!

  1. Jigsaw Puzzle #3: What Am I Missing?

This tricky piece features a variety of small blocks, each with a different item pictured on it. It’s up to you to figure out which ones are missing and fill in the blanks accordingly!

  1. Jigsaw Puzzle #4: Busy Bees And Flowers

You’re a busy bee – or at least you pretend to be! This puzzle features different types of flowers around a busy bee hive, with each flower having a specific function

How to Play

AARP Games are a great way to get mentally and physically active. They’re also an excellent way to keep memories associated with positive experiences alive or simply pass some time with friends. Here are five AARP-approved games that are perfect for every day:

  1. Memory Match 
  2. Bingo 
  3. Pictionary 
  4. Checkers 
  5. Gin rummy

Today’s Puzzle

Don’t wait until tomorrow to start your day; start it today with AARP Games! These quick and entertaining mini-games can help you stay on top of your daily responsibilities, establish good habits, and build lasting memories. From Sudoku to Hangman, AARP Games are perfect for a wellness check-in or routine maintenance. So set a timer and get started today—you know you won’t regret it!

Other Games Available Online (piloting, word find, etc)

There are many games that can be enjoyed online, with AARP® Games being one option. Piloting games offer a unique perspective on combat, while word find games help keep your mind sharp. Other options include Mahjong and card games. Whatever game you choose, make sure to have fun and stay mentally active!

Benefits of AARP Games

Reading, writing, math and other cognitive exercises are the cornerstones of AARP’s Games for Life: Daily Living program. This program was designed to improve mental function and memory, build social competence, increase communication skills and improve overall wellness.

AARP Games: Daily Living has many games that are designed for all ages. These games help seniors stay mentally active and sharp. Some examples of games include dot puzzles, word games, crosswords and jigsaw puzzles. Regardless of your age or ability level, you are sure to find a game to enjoy in the AARP Games: Daily Living Library.

The benefits of playing these games are numerous. They can help seniors improve their memory, concentration, problem-solving skills and social interactions. Additionally, these games can provide a sense of purpose and accomplishment that can encourage seniors to stick with the program long-term. If you are looking for activities that will keep your seniors active and happy throughout the day, be sure to check out the AARP Games: Daily Living library!


AARP Games is a popular game club for people over 50. The game club consists of online and in-person activities that keep participants engaged and learning new things. Some of the cornerstone activities are social events, group outings, puzzles, trivia sessions and more. Check out the AARP games website to sign up for a free trial or learn more about what’s available to you as an AARP member.

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