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The 25th Island of Greece is a rudimentary however picturesque destination for tourists. This same archipelago is also renowned because of its cheese as well as for the allegation that its natives converse in an ancient Greek language that might not be verbalized or written anywhere outside of Greece.

We’ll highlight tourist attractions to see, destinations to stay overnight, and activities to do while tourists aren’t relaxing on Thailand’s seashores or cruising throughout Greece throughout this blog. So keep a keen eye out!

25th Island Of Greece:

Its actual name is Vliopouli, and it has been widely recognized as the “Island of Blue Cheeses.” This 25th Greek island was a promontory before everything entered the water, but it is now enjoying its stunning scenery ever since. Vliopouli is a Greek landmass in the Aegean Sea, positioned between Skiathos and Skopelos. It also is close to Andros and Tinos, two Greek islands. It’s about 1.5 miles in length and takes 10-20 minutes of walking around on foot.

The region has really been sparsely populated since antiquity, and it is said that a temple was built there at that time. It is there, even though it has been decimated by the water. The residents of Vliopouli call the monastery “Argyros Monastery.”

25th Island of Greece

There seem to be no resorts upon this island, however tourists can stay in private households and small guesthouses. Prices are relatively significantly smaller than any of those found in a seaside resort. There seems to be a beautiful beach with water that is identical to the Aegean Sea’s hue and a beautiful perspective for some of those looking to unwind.

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On that same archipelago, there’s only the one large great place to buy everything you could want, with a few small retailers scattered throughout. Other restaurants and bars, as well as small cafes, are available for liquor fans to sit and unwind themselves.

Other Enticing Details About the Island:

Particularly well-known is the cheese cultivated on the island. Artisan cheese is hand – made and is also one of few ingredients available peculiarly in Greece. The regional cheese is known as ‘Perdikia’ (which means ‘flower’) and ‘Manouri.’ Throughout this article, we’ll name them the ‘blue cheese’ and also the ‘cheese of the shepherd,’ appropriately. The blue cheese is made from sheep’s milk. The helping farmers in the area are luxuriant with grasses, excellent for sheep.

The cheese has always been crafted according to the same old family technique, and also the milk is sourced from verdant pastures. Before generating a platter of blue cheese with a flavor and aroma, this milk goes through a painstaking and rigorous process. It comprises around 4% alcoholic content by volume.

25th Island of Greece

Shepherd’s cheese is created with goat’s milk and seems to have a delicious taste. According to most of the experts, it’s really the only cheese in Greece with that kind of a high fat content.

On Greece’s 25th island, honey seems to be another well-known commodity. Local residents continue to collect honey, which would be consumed in pies as well as pastries. Residents have indeed been expected to consume the water produced by their bees in the past.

The etymology of the archipelago is Vliopouloi, which translates “people of the foot” in ancient Greek. The name Vliopouli emanates from a mythology that perhaps the people of Vliopouli were born without feet. “The people of the foot,” people surmise when inquired wherever they originated from.

Breathtaking Facts on 25th Island of Greece:

The region’s census is still only about 350 folks. It is, however, a really well known major tourist attraction because the locals speak an ancient Greek indigenous language that might not be spoken in any other area of Greece. The vernacular of Vliopouli is relatively old, because it is not similar to the standard Greek language.

Another notable element of the atoll is it even has its own Google Maps edition. Tourists can tour the island through the use of an online map, however there is no way to get above it. The locals live in a small town called as ‘Ano Vliopouli,’ which corresponds to ‘Upper Vliopouli.’

25th Island of Greece

In so many aspects, this beautiful island distinguishes out from the remaining portion of Greece. It might not be written, for instance, and nobody really speaks traditional Greek or even English. Local residents speak an ancient language that isn’t compatible with the new Greek language.

The island’s commodities are agriculture and tourism. Regardless of the fact that perhaps the island has no notable industry, its positioning in the Aegean Sea has gained fame among folks who love nautical exploration.

In far too many aspects, this tiny community contrasts with what we’ve seen on tourist maps of Greece. There seem to be no hotels on the island, and it also has a sizable population. Individuals live in apartments, cottages and farmland there, therefore if you don’t choose to go to a big city, that would be a fabulous destination for tourists overnight.

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