AraqueenBae: The Canadian TikToker

AraqueenBae: The Canadian TikToker

In today’s society, social media influencers like AraqueenBae are integral for promoting your brand to the younger generation. While many people in smaller start-ups still struggle to come off as genuine and engaging, you can use AI for targeted engagement on different platforms!

How Did AraQueenBae Originally Get into the TikTok and Instagram Game?

AraQueenBae’s story is one that is both inspiring and humorous. The Canadian TikToker started out as just another user on Instagram and TikTok, posting pictures and videos of herself and her friends. TikTok allows users to make short videos that last anywhere from five seconds to 30 minutes, while Instagram is more of an ad-supported, live broadcast platform like YouTube. AraQueenBae first attracted notice on TikTok when her friends in her friend group began using the app in their lives as well. When an Instagram influencer lost interest in posting regularly along with their thousands of followers and moved away to pursue their own career, one Twitter user encouraged AraQueenBae to take over the space by emulating them and sharing video tutorials on how they use the platform correctly—essentially what influencers do with their Instagram accounts.

Ara Queen Bae is the exact poster child for this failed Instagram trainwreck phenomenon: a young girl following an equally gifted friend who was posted online by her mom. Rather than fully developing her own personal style, content, or brand, she found success riding in on BellaRamsey’s coattails while painfully sharing every

History of TikToker Culture in Canada

According to, the TikTok app was created in China by two students, Tsou Yang and Chen Xin. In July 2017, Chinese company ByteDance acquired TikTok for $2 billion. The app quickly became popular in Asia. And then in North America after Apple Inc’s iOS 11 was released on September 19, 2017. TikTok is considered a way for millennials to communicate and collaborate with others through videos. The first Canadian TikTok user is believed to be Erika Yanagihara from Toronto, who uploaded her first video on October 30, 2017. It has been reported that users have uploaded over 1 billion videos to TikTok since its inception. Canadian celebrities such as Justin Bieber and the Smurfs have also been featured on TikTok videos.

According to the National Post, there are several reasons why Canadians are drawn to TikTok. One reason is that most Canadians are avid Snapchatters. Who want an alternate platform to share their creative content with a wider audience. Another reason is that Canadians feel rebellious and want to break away from traditional media outlets such as TV and newspapers. Finally, because of Canada’s strict privacy laws prohibiting the commercial use of photos. Many Canadians use TikTok as a means of circumventing these limitations. But despite the popularity of TikTok in Canada. As a means of sharing and getting direct feedback from its community, it is still not free from controversy. 

How Does AraQueenBae Use Social Media to Be Successful?

AraQueenBae has a strong track record of using social media in order to promote her music and merchandise. She maintains a large social media following, which she uses to gain exposure for her music and product. Her strong social media presence allows her to connect with fans directly, provide updates about her music, and receive feedback. AraQueenBae also uses social media to build relationships with other artists and businesses. By working together, she has helped promote other artists and businesses and built her own empire as a result.

Social Media Strategies Used By araQueenBae 

AraQueenBae is often very active on her various social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Her brand promotes itself through a variety of strategies, all of which centre around creating a strong online presence. One key tactic is using hashtags (#craftbeer #draught beers #ales), as these are commonly searched on social media. Additionally, AraQueenBae posts engaging content regularly, featuring lifestyle tips, fun facts about her favourite beer styles, and other interesting tidbits. In order to stay top of mind among fellow beer lovers, she also collaborates with other breweries and distilleries in the Canadian market. Giving her followers exclusive access to tastings and other behind-the-scenes information.

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