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We all love a good videogame after a hectic day at work, or when it is the weekend and you can’t go out partying, and want to call friends over for a game night. Well, Oculus Quest 2 provides you one of the best VR experiences, and there are several games that you can play to have a fun filled game night, or a therapy session with friends or even alone.

Population: One

Although this is a Fortnite clone, Oculus’s exclusive VR Battle Royale game, Population: One is too advanced to be missed. Three teammates are dropped in a hostile location to hunt for guns and a variety of arms and survival supplies to make their way until the end. There’s an extensive range of guns to use, the structure, and their vertical combat system is the best.

Every surface in the game is climbable for the firefights as teams struggle for higher ground leads. Also, in order to easily pass through the map or fly into battles you get a chance to wear a wingsuit. This game is super fun and seamlessly runs on the Quest 2’s mobile chip. 

Half-Life: Alyx

Built by valve specifically for VR headsets, this game shows you how good VR gaming can be and if you want a game that can utilize complete equipment of yours and give a maximized experience. Considering the attention given to the details, interactions, storytelling, and setting, everything is top notch.

The fight against an alien race being humanity’s only chance of survival, this game gives the ultimate VR experience where you forget the real world. While this comes among the greatest VR games, it is not directly available on Oculus Quest 2, but it can be played by connecting to a gaming PC.

SuperHot VR

SuperHot VR is all about you being a polygonal hitman navigating through a series of stark environments. The core mechanic of the virtual reality game is that time only moves when you make a movement. So, the pace of your game depends on the pace of action. It feels like you are in a slow motion action movie that feels extremely chaotic and messed up, all at the same time. This is why you always have to keep track of yourself and be one step ahead or you will end up taking a bullet.

This game requires you to play in a spacious environment as you get really engaged and never realize when you bump into a wall. It really has those VR effects that have you lost in the virtual reality, making forget the actual reality.

All you need to do to download this game is have a good internet connection. Since it is important to have the perfect internet speed for games, we suggest checking out TV and Internet packages, as you get them for cheaper in bundle deals and you will definitely find the best ISP in your area on buytvinternetphone.

Topgolf with Pro Putt

With the best mini VR game available as Pro Putt, Topgolf got its start. The VR experience of this game is almost as real as the real golf club experience with its varied courses, correctly weighted clubs, and realistic ball trajectory. With the recent update, you even get to see a Topgolf driving bay venue with multiple clubs, irons, drivers, and even the ability to watch YouTube videos on the surrounding walls with multiplayer support for up to 7 friends. This is one of the best VR golf experiences present on the Quest 2 for you and your friends.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is the Oculus Quest’s first AAA single player game. If you are a true gaming fan, you must be already aware of this masterpiece. This effort combines a lengthy campaign with satisfying dynamics, and super lifelike environments for a horror experience. The game is such that you have to sneak, attack, and make your way alive through the zombies of New Orleans. Every main choice you make in the game, will have to deal with equally grave penalties.

With the innovative crafting method, you can construct makeshift gear with a relevant weight and scale. The VR experience is so good that it is similar to real life, and you will even grasp the weaponries properly, as they are vulnerable and can break with prolonged use. This strategic game is very challenging as it is a near to reality experience against a city of Zombies.

The Climb

To give you a rest from all the violent VR games, The Climb climbs in. The climb is rather therapeutic and gives you thrilling and therapeutic experiences of hanging off cliffs from the Alps, to the American Southwest. The most VR quality of the game is that it requires the use of proper gripping techniques and along the way, you get to experience the views of different vistas and valleys as a reward.

Besides, when you are successful in one climb, your rank goes up, and each time your rank goes up you are allowed to purchase a new gear. This game is breathtaking in terms of its visuals as well as physical capabilities, and is a good game to get your mind off the worries of the world.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a mixture of Guitar Hero, Star Wars, and Dance Revolution. In this game you have to match the color of your saber to hit corresponding color blocks at the right angle. Besides, the speed keeps increasing and there are hazards such as bombs, and walls that you must dodge.

As a result, you get to do a full body workout with an EDM soundtrack. The game is specifically designed for a VR experience and as the pace of the game increases it keeps you engaged and can go on for hours. You can even jam on your favorite songs. The new update even allows multiplayers. So, play now and see which one of your friends is the best swordsman.

Real VR Fishing

Another super therapeutic game on the Quest 2 is Real VR Fishing that gives you a real life fishing experience with the photorealistic environments and fish models. It allows you to chill out and catch fish while watching YouTube videos on a floating browser. It also allows you to invite friends to fish with you.

The events, complexity, and avatars are customizable and each player can select this according to their convenience. So, have a group therapy session with your friends when you don’t want to play super demanding games.


These are some of the best games you can play on the Oculus Quest 2 that are entertaining as well as super engaging, and most have a multiplayer option for a game night with friends.

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