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When is the best time to buy a TV? If you are looking for a great price on a new TV, there are a number of prime buying dates that are worth taking note of. These dates include January, Black Friday, Father’s Day, and Amazon Prime Day. If you’re planning to purchase a TV this year, you can take advantage of all of these opportunities and save big. Just remember to shop smart and don’t forget about our exclusive TV deals!


When is the best time to buy a new TV? There are a few reasons, but the best time to buy a new TV is in January. It’s CES season, the time when manufacturers announce new models and arrange for shipping. Stores are eager to clear out their inventories and run pop-up sales. The new lineups often feature huge discounts on older models. And as the Super Bowl approaches in early February, many stores are desperate to sell off their older inventory.

Cyber Monday is a great time to buy a new TV. The prices fall on nearly all models, including large screens and flat-screen TVs. Some models are sold at nearly half off the original price. Although most deals are on mid-priced models, the selection can be overwhelming. Thankfully, many tech sites curate the best deals so you don’t have to. This way, you can find the perfect new TV without sifting through thousands of ads.

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Black Friday

The best time to buy a television is often around the holiday season. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the busiest shopping days of the year. You can find TVs for as low as half off of their original price. The best TV deals, however, are often on mid to lower-priced models. With so many different brands and models on sale, it can be difficult to pick the right one. To make the process easier, you can check out tech sites that curate deals on TVs.

Make a list of features that you want in a TV before shopping. Visit various stores and monitor prices. You can also use websites like CamelCamelCamel to keep an eye on the prices. Be sure not to spend more than you can afford, and don’t forget to compare prices on a daily basis. You can also check the price adjustment policy. Some retailers will refund a part of your purchase if they reduce the price after you purchase it.

Father’s Day

Buying a TV is a stereotypical gift for fathers. The third Sunday of June is typically slow for retail sales, so businesses are tempted to throw sales and promotions to attract customers. Many popular retailers will offer discounts on television screens to encourage fathers to buy new ones. Also, the college student crowd is always looking to upgrade their dorm rooms. A new TV for a college student’s room can be a great way to start their new life in a new dorm.

TVs are the perfect gift for dads, and you can save money by purchasing them during Father’s Day sales. Several retailers will offer “buy more and save” deals, such as buy two, get a third free offers for video games, movies, and music. The Cheesecake Factory has a great deal that ends on Father’s Day, and you can even get him a $30 e-card for free.

Amazon Prime Day

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can find deals on a wide variety of TVs for up to half off their original price. But the best deals are generally on mid to lower-priced models. The sheer number of available models can make it difficult to choose the best option for your home. To avoid this problem, check out tech sites that curate deals by model number and brand.

Purchasing a new television during the Spring and Fall months can save you a substantial amount of money. Stores will be clearing out their inventory and will often have great deals on last year’s model. However, if you’re looking for a newer model, wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Most stores have the best sales on these days, and you’ll probably end up saving hundreds of dollars!


When is the best time to buy a TV? New models of TVs are often announced during the Consumer Electronics Show in January. After CES, retailers begin to make room for new stock by discounting the previous year’s models. In February or March, you can often find a great deal on an older model. CES is also the time when prices are lowest and you can buy a new television for less than you would have paid for the previous model.

While CES is the best time to buy o TV, don’t be afraid to wait until other times of the year. For instance, football season is a great time to upgrade, and football fans will enjoy sales throughout February and March. New TV models will begin hitting the market in March, but you can still find good deals on previous models. Closeout sales are also common around this time of year, so you can often find a great TV at a discounted price.

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