Buying Tips Jacuzzi Bathtub

Buying Tips Jacuzzi Bathtub

Traditional tubs and whirlpools come in 4 one of a kind styles, named after the way they are installed. Built-in, corner, integrated and freestanding bathtubs are available in quite a few shapes, sizes, substances, and shades. Additionally, they’re to be had in right-hand and left-hand versions, indicating the region of the drain holes. (There also are center whole versions, however, they’re much less common.) To decide the kind you need, face the space and pay attention to the location of the pipes.

Recessed Bathtubs

Also known as an alcove tube, this style is set tightly in an area so only the front wishes to be completed. Because this thing makes Jacuzzi bathtub greater affordable – and also greater area-saving – it is the maximum famous jacuzzi bathtub on the market and is widely available.

Designed to be used in standard 5 x 7-foot bathrooms, the most common built-in tubs are 60 inches lengthy and 14 inches deep; however, you may also discover models that are 72 inches lengthy and 16 inches deep.

Corner bathtub

A basic corner tub is only a tub that suits in a corner, with unfinished sides and one or completed sides. Think of a built-in bathtub with only end surfaces instead of one.

Drop-in Bathtubs

Usually set up as a platform, ground-status bathtubs also can be set on the floor. Some models have the rim at the ground or platform; others are frameless, so the bathtub is flush with the ground or platform, and handiest the interior needs to be completed. A bathtub with a raised platform makes it easier to get inside and out of a completely recessed tub.

Available in quite a few shapes, lots of which can be made of fiberglass-bolstered acrylic or plastic. They are lightweight, however, also are prone to scratching and dulling. A tub made of enameled solid iron is a stronger choice, however, you may need to decide in case your bathroom ground can handle the burden without reinforcement.

Freestanding bathtub

The famous claw-footed tub falls into this category, however, any tub with 4 legs qualifies. Most sit directly on the bathroom ground, although a few models are designed to healthy a platform.

With all sides exposed, those tubs are the maximum expensive of the 4 patterns. The cheapest choice is to reproduce antiques, as those may be made of lightweight substances. More luxurious refurbished antiques may be made of solid iron, so here, you may have to figure out in case your floor can manage the weight without more support.

Custom bathtub

Another choice is to now no bathtub at all, however, construct one. This is a greater sophisticated choice, however, results in a completely custom tub. With this choice, the mason builds a base that connects to the drain in a great deal the equal manner because of the shower. Then tiles (usually mosaic) are used to finish the surface.

Bath Faucets and Fittings

Tub faucets can be deck mounted or wall mounted, and they come in quite a few styles and finishes to suit almost any bathroom decor. For a uniform look, you may choose matching handles on your sink, tub, and shower.

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