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If you need to take several pieces of clothing, you will probably need a Carry On Garment Bag. These bags are designed to keep your clothes flat, but they’re not intended for regular items. Be sure to close your garment bag with the inside straps to prevent movement or creasing. A great tip for keeping clothes flat is to wash and iron them before you travel. You should also purchase an iron for your clothes before you pack them in the bag.

Features of a Bi-Folding Garment Bag

A bi-folding garment bag has several advantages, such as multiple pockets, a zipped interior pocket for toiletries, and padded roll bars. Its zipped main compartment can be opened with ease and features two adjustable panels to keep items from spilling out. This type of bag also features zipped mesh pockets, two shoe pockets, and an elastic top pocket for shoes. Some also have a limited warranty and carry handles that are strong enough to carry a heavy load.

A good quality bi-folding garment bag is strong, light, and flexible, and it is built to last for years. It should also be resistant to wear and tear and should not cause wrinkling. Moreover, a durable and flexible bag should feature TSA locks to ensure safe travels. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, a bi-folding garment bag will ensure that your clothes don’t get damaged while in transit.

Extra Sections

Packing your garments is a challenge, and a carry on garment bag can help you out by providing an extra section to store your shoes, accessories, and towels. You’ll be able to take as many items as you need, from a couple of pairs of shoes to a full size beach towel. Here are some tips to help you pack your garments in the correct manner. And don’t forget about the carry-on size rules.

The size of a carry-on garment bag must not exceed 45 linear inches around. Most domestic airlines in the U.S. allow carry-on bags to be 22″ by 14″ by nine”. However, some airlines allow you a couple of extra inches if your garment bag is soft-sided and has multiple sections. If you want a garment bag with several sections, choose one that fits the regulations for your airline.

Size Limits

You can check with the airline to find out what their size limits are for carry on garment bags. Most airlines do not specify the size limit, but there are exceptions to these rules. For example, JetBlue and Southwest do not allow passengers to bring their own closets on board, so you must make sure your garment bag fits within the dimensions. Some airlines are more generous, and will allow you to bring a garment bag that is 51 inches wide. Other airlines, like Lufthansa, will allow you to bring a garment bag that measures 57 inches in length and 14 inches wide, though this is not necessary for soft-sided garment bags.

Size limits for carry on garment bags vary depending on airline regulations. Some airlines allow carry-on garment bags as a second item, but they must meet the size limits of the plane in which you are traveling. The dimensions of your carry-on garment bag must not exceed these limits, but you can also fold it into it. Those with a lot of garments may want to avoid a carry on garment bag altogether and use a separate suitcase.


The price of a carry on garment bag is largely dependent on the type of garment bag you buy. If you’re flying by plane, you’ll likely need a smaller garment bag than you need for checked baggage. A carry-on garment bag should be no bigger than 21 inches long, and it should have several pockets inside. The exterior features an outside zippered pocket for other items. It’s also surprisingly spacious and made from strong, durable materials.

A good garment bag can range anywhere from $50 to $400. Some can include dedicated spaces for clothing, while others have a zipped compartment for small items or a wet compartment for toiletries. You may also want a garment bag that has multiple compartments and can replace a handbag. Look for a durable, lightweight bag that can withstand all sorts of abuse. Some brands even include accessories such as a shoulder strap and packing cubes to make your life easier on the go.

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