Club Piscine Selects LS Retail ERP Software 

Club Piscine Selects LS Retail ERP Software 

There are many ways to give a gift at Club Piscine. You can purchase outdoor furniture such as lounge chairs and table umbrellas for the pool or spa, pool mattresses, and fitness equipment for the home. The Club Piscine Super Fitness shop has presents for fitness lovers as well. You can purchase fitness equipment and fitness products for a fitness center or for a gym, or you can give the gift of a membership to a gym or fitness center.

LS Retail Software

After considering many different options, Club Piscine has selected LS Retail software to help optimize operational processes and streamline communication between team members. The solution supports the club’s vision for the future and helps it to achieve its ambitious omnichannel strategy. LS Retail is a business transformation solution developed by Createch, a leading IT and digital transformation company in Canada.

This unified commerce solution enables businesses to run the entire business with ease and ensures a consistent, high-quality experience for customers across all channels. LS Retail continues to innovate and look for new opportunities to keep pace with consumer trends. This software can help you stay ahead of the curve with the latest technological advances and consumer preferences. Its flexible features can scale with the size and number of locations of your club.

LS Retail also offers a unified retail ERP system. This integrated system integrates key business processes, from head office to POS terminals. The solution manages inventory, staff management, and customer loyalty in one seamless platform. LS Central is ideal for businesses with more than 50 employees and allows for easy operation across multiple locations. LS Central can be used both online and offline.

In addition to being a good alternative to Microsoft Dynamics RMS, LS Retail has a wide range of configuration options, including an ability to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The UI and UX are easy to use, and the development capabilities are solid. However, it is not suitable for the South Asian market.

Club Piscine Super Fitness is a leading retailer of outdoor products in Canada. It was founded in 1991 and now operates 43 franchises throughout Quebec and Ottawa. Its mission is to provide families with the best leisure products available. Throughout the year, it provides an extensive array of fitness equipment to meet the needs of its customers.

Omni-Channel Strategy

In order to optimize its operations and increase customer satisfaction, Club Piscine implemented LS Retail, a modern retail software system, to simplify its business operations. LS Retail’s integrated solution helps Club Piscine streamline its processes and ensures smooth communication across the company. It also supports its ambitious omni-channel strategy.

Club Piscine Super Fitness, the largest retailer of outdoor products in Canada, began in 1991 as a garden superstore. Over the years, the company has expanded its business to include fitness equipment and grills. As a result, it is now a year-round retailer with 43 franchised locations across Quebec and Ottawa. Its vision is to outfit families with the latest and greatest leisure products and services.

An omni-channel strategy must be flexible enough to cater to multiple customer types and channels. The ability to manage inventory across multiple channels is an important factor in ensuring a consistent customer experience. An omni-channel strategy should also consider the role of each channel in the customer journey. For example, a retailer should allocate inventory across all channels based on central demand. This will help to avoid overstocking and ensure faster replenishment. It will also drive more full-price sales, a key indicator of omni-channel success.

Customer journeys are changing fast. Today, 60% of shopping journeys include an element of digital activity. This can be in the form of research or a transaction. This share is expected to grow at three times the rate of traditional in-store sales. However, brick-and-mortar stores are still essential to capture the best customers. The best customers are increasingly utilizing both online and offline channels. In addition, one-third of purchase decisions are the result of omnichannel research.

Ease of Use

With the help of LS Retail, Club Piscine has implemented a solution that helps streamline all business processes. The new solution has enabled the organization to centralize all activities in a single platform, reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks and simplifying employee workdays. The company is now developing additional features to make the system even more useful for its customers.

Moovit, an all-in-one transit app, makes commuting to Club Piscine Super Fitness easy with its easy-to-use interface. With more than 930 million users, Moovit is a trusted and convenient transportation resource. It helps you find the best bus time, train time, and alternative routes.

Support for the Future Growth Of Club Piscine

Club Piscine Super Fitness was struggling with operational problems and needed a solution to make information exchange easier. The company’s previous IT solutions were outdated and the team operated in silos. This made data exchange difficult and led to duplicated entries. The company also wanted to reduce its paper use and have better visibility of inventory levels. They chose an ERP system to help them achieve their goals.

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