Crazy Games – Fun For All Ages

Crazy Games – Fun For All Ages

CrazyGames is a gaming website from Belgium that specializes in games played in the browser. Their catalog includes about 7000 different games, ranging from sports to puzzle games. You can play them solo or with your friends. You can also play them online in multiplayer. The crazy games are designed to be fun for all ages.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is one of the most popular online games. It was created by Kiloo and Sybo and has been downloaded over 1.8 billion times. The game is available on PCs, mobiles, and tablets. It is free to play. You can find many different variations of the game, including those that use the keyboard and mouse.

The main objective of Subway Surf is to avoid oncoming trains. This arcade game requires quick reaction times and precision. Collisions will result in your arrest, so you have to dodge as many objects as possible. You can use the left and right mouse buttons to control your movement. Alternatively, you can also use the spacebar to jump over obstacles.

If you are into endless runner games, you’ll love Subway Surfers. This game lets you run and jump through the subway, and you play as a graffiti artist caught by an officer. There are a variety of obstacles and rewards to collect, and you can even unlock new characters and skateboards.

Panzer dragoon

The original Panzer Dragoon was an underrated gem of the Sega Saturn era, and luckily the game has been remade for Nintendo Switch. If you enjoy flying around the screen, battling alien monsters, and shooting waves of enemies, you will love this retro game.

Like its predecessors, Panzer Dragoon features a linear path and a boss fight at the end. You play as an unnamed traveler who stumbles upon a dying dragon rider and takes his mission. Though there’s no storyline in Panzer Dragoon, the game has a premise that has grown into the Panzer Dragoon Saga.

The gameplay in Panzer Dragoon is simple, and the core of the game is still entertaining. While the graphics are bland and the level designs are bland, the core gameplay is still enjoyable and holds up to the modern era. Unfortunately, the changes made to the game are almost always for the worse. The art design is mediocre and gameplay tweaks are unwelcome.

The original Panzer Dragoon games are hard to emulate. The source code of the game is not available for this game. As a result, re-releases are highly unlikely. Even so, these classic games have a loyal following.


Nights crazy games are a fun way to pass the time. In this game, you play the protagonist, Adam, who is sleeping and waking up in a strange place. You need to find a way to make it out alive. It is a strategy game and you will be using the mouse to play it.


If you are looking for an RPG game where you can experience the fun of being a ninja, you’ll want to try SotW. This action-adventure game will have you playing as a ninja that has spent seven years in prison. He now has one last chance to fight for his freedom. It’s also packed with features like over 300 items, nine different zones, and nine epic bosses.

Virtua Fighter

The Virtua Fighter series is a genre of fighting games with a distinct rhythmic style. The series is based on the age-old tripartite rule system and features controls that include eight direction buttons and a tempo button. Unlike other fighting games, which tend to rely on hyperbolic specials and pyrotechnics, Virtua Fighter is focused on the physicality of its models and the specific dynamics of Yu Suzuki’s Virtua violence.

Sega of America President Bernie Stolar was trying to get Virtua Fighter 3 ported to Nintendo 64. He had previously been involved in the development of Sega’s other crazy games, including Crazy Taxi and the original PlayStation. He also helped launch the Dreamcast, which was Sega’s first portable gaming system. The two companies decided to work together to develop Virtua Fighter for the Nintendo 64. But, while Sega was planning the game for the Nintendo 64, they did not seek the approval of Sega of Japan, which vetoed the project.

As part of the Virtua Fighter series, the main goal is to knock out your opponent in two of three rounds. The player uses various attacks to knock out their opponent. The character that is knocked out loses the round. However, the player who is knocked out twice loses the round. If the player wins all three rounds, they receive a prize. Increasing your rank is a major part of the game’s addictiveness.

Pixel gun apocalypse

Pixel Gun Apocalypse is a 3D action game where you battle blocky monsters. You will need to shoot opponents and collect weapons from the battlefield. The game features 5 different weapons, including a machine gun, pistol, and machete. It also has a cooperative mode where you can help one another.

The game has a great graphic design and resembles Minecraft. The characters, weapons, and environments are all constructed out of blocks. Think of it as the shooter mode of Minecraft, but with a little more realism. Pixel Gun Apocalypse is free to play and has no in-app purchases.

Blood Dragon

Blood Dragon is an action-packed game that is like a throwback to 1980s action movies. With neon lighting, weird cybernetic villains and SO MUCH SYNTH, the game is full of retro vibes. It also features an interesting narrative and a cast of colorful characters. However, the game is not suitable for young children. Here’s a brief review of Blood Dragon. This title is highly recommended for fans of the genre.

Blood Dragon is the standalone DLC for Far Cry 3. It is based on the 80s action genre and follows a cyber commando soldier as he takes down a rogue cyborg army. The gameplay is similar to that of the base game, except for a huge reptile-like creature called the blood dragon.

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