Forex Trading Strategies to Avoid Forex Scams

Forex Trading Strategies to Avoid Forex Scams

A Forex trading strategy is used in buying or selling decisions for a currency pair at any time. The forex trading strategies may depend on technical analysis or fundamental, news-based events. The currency strategy of a trader is made by trading signals that give rise to buying or selling decisions. The forex traders themselves develop forex trading strategies. However, before starting to trade, Forex traders must be aware of the risks associated with forex investments to be free from forex scams. Forex scams occur every year, with the number of cases of forex scams increasing by the day. 

What are the fundamentals of a forex trading strategy?

Forex trading strategies are either automated or manually aimed at generating trading signals. A trader sits in front of the computer screen in manual systems, looking for the trading signals. These trading signals interpret whether to buy or sell. On the other hand, in automated systems, the trader develops an algorithm that finds the trading signals and executes trades independently. 

How is a forex trading strategy developed?

While choosing a forex trading strategy, you must be aware of the type of trader you are and your existing methods. In addition, we must note that it is not as easy as selecting a single trading strategy. Traders can choose to use a single process or combine several. 

First, you must define your criteria to select a forex trading strategy. You must analyze the following factors that will help you to narrow down your search:

  1. How much time can you provide for trading forex?
  2. Currency pairs you want to focus on
  3. What can the size of your position be?
  4. Whether you are going long or short

Risks involved in Forex Trading 

We are all aware that no business has a strategy without risk. Without risk, the plans don’t work. Hence, there are risks with forex trading also. Below are the risks of forex trading. 

  1. The chances of a forex scam are there if you are careless with your forex trading.
  2.  You may not get your refund in the case of bankruptcy of your Forex provider.
  3. Currency markets are pretty impossible to predict.

What are the various strategies used for forex trading?

There are several strategies for trading forex to be free from forex scams.

Carry Trade Strategy:

In this strategy, you will borrow one currency at a lower rate and invest in another at a higher yielding rate. As a result, a positive carry of the trade takes place. The carry trade strategy is widely used in the forex market. 

 Length of the trade: 

The carry trades are based on the interest fluctuations between the associated currencies. Hence, the business length gives support from the medium to long term.

Swing Trading:

In the Swing trading strategy, the traders look to take advantage of rang-bound and trending markets. The traders can enter the long and short positions by picking “tops” and “bottoms.”

Length of trade:

Swing traders are considered medium-term, as the positions are on hold. They can be held for a few hours or days. Longer-term trends are taken into consideration as traders. 

Forex Scalping strategy:

In the forex scalping process, small profits are acquired frequently. Therefore, opening and closing multiple positions throughout the day is crucial to achieving small gains. It is done manually or via an algorithm that uses predefined guidelines for when and where to enter and exit positions. 

Length of trade:

Scalping requires trades for a short period with minimum returns. Therefore, it usually operates on smaller time frame charts. 

Day Trading Strategy:

The strategy for trading financial instruments within the same trading day is called Day Trading. The trades throughout the day can be single or multiple.

Grid Trading:

Multiple orders are placed above and below a specific price in Grid trading. 

What are the benefits of Forex Trading?

The several advantages are listed below.

Easy access:

The forex market is easy to access. It is because of the convenient way to open an account and start trading. However, opening an online forex trading account is more manageable and can be done from anywhere in the world for as little as one dollar and with a smart device with an internet connection.

Practice Trading:

You can practice trading quickly and conveniently. Can also gauge an online broker’s services and a platform for trading purposes. You can access online broker services and media to open a free demo account that almost all forex brokers offer. 

Quick returns:

Once the profitable forex positions are closed down, the profits are immediately available for withdrawal based on the forex broker used.

Ease of going long or short:

There are no rules that prevent you from going short. Hence you can buy or sell the currency pairs freely. When you take part in the forex market, you are free to consider long or short positions. You can go long or short with the base currency against the counter currency.

Moderately volatile:

The substantial volatility with no excessive market shocks tends to cater to traders. It caters to traders with excellent chances and more proper returns than a market with less or extreme volatility. As a result, it makes the forex market well-suited for day trading strategies. 

Low trading costs:

The dealing spreads may be tight if you mainly do business in major currency pairs, reducing your trading costs. On the other hand, dealing spreads in the minor and exotic currency pairs are typically widened. Anyhow, this will increase your trading costs in those pairs.

Less chance of market manipulation:

Even for hedge funds and large corporations, manipulating the forex market can be very difficult due to its size and depth. In addition, national central banks can also have difficulty managing the forex market, even though they step in to reduce sharp market movements in their currencies. 


Forex traders should know forex trading strategies to free themselves from forex scams. It is their prime responsibility and on top of it make sure to do their homework about forex trading before putting their money into trading. 

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