Picuki-Instagram Story Downloader

Picuki-Instagram Story Downloader

Instagram has been playing it oh-so-carefully for the last few months, removing countless Stories that featured outside accounts without warning, warnings that included “breaches” like clickbait posts pushing to gain more followers. And while it may seem Instagram is clamping down on what you can see and be seen within the app, they aren’t necessarily concerned with equally important aspects of your account – how you manage your content. Instagram is getting ready for a future where users have greater control over their image online, but in the meantime, Picuki is here to help!

What is Picuki?

Picuki is an Instagram story downloader that helps you easily save Stories from any account. It’s free and easy to use, so you can start downloading stories right away. Just open Picuki, select the story you want to download, and hit “download.” We’ll keep a list of all the latest stories we’ve found for you so you can be sure to never miss a beat.

How to Use Picuki

Picuki is an Instagram story downloader that helps you save stories for offline viewing. After opening Picuki, you will be prompted to choose a platform. 

Once you have chosen a platform, Picuki will scan your account and list all of the stories that are currently being upload-ed. You can then select which story you want to download. 

To download a story, just click on the green Download button next to the story that you want to save. Picuki will then take you to a new window where you can choose where to save the file. 

Once you have decided on where to save the story, just click on the Save button and the story will be downloaded onto your computer. 

Features of Picuki

Picuki is a powerful Instagram story downloader that helps users keep track of their stories for future reference. The app also allows users to share stories on social media more easily and with more precision. With Picuki, users can add location markers to their stories, saving them the hassle of typing out long descriptions when sharing. Additionally, Picuki can schedule posts ahead of time so that they are automatically put up at set times, making it easy to manage your content flow.

Basic Tutorial for Using Picuki

Picuki is an app that allows users to download Instagram stories. Picuki is a simple app to use; all you have to do is input the Instagram username and password and hit “Download Story.” 

After downloading a story, you can view it or share it with friends. You can also save stories for later viewing.

Downloading Stories and Photos

Picuki is a simple and easy-to-use Instagram story downloader. It helps you to grab all the stories and photos from a specific account in just one click. You can use it for personal or professional purposes.

Picuki is available on the web and as a standalone app for both iOS and Android devices. On the web version, you can use Picuki on any computer with a web browser. The app version has more features, including options to save stories and photos to your device’s gallery, share them with friends, and search for specific stories or photos.

Picuki is free to use, but some features (like saving stories) require an account on Instagram. If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up for free at https://www.instagram.com/signup/.

Installing and Using Picuki

Picuki is an Instagram story downloader that allows you to easily grab stories from your favorite accounts. Before you can use Picuki, you’ll need to install the app on your phone. Once installed, open Picuki and select the account you want to download stories from. You’ll then be prompted to enable access to your account’s Stories. After granting permission, click the Download button and wait for the story to be downloaded onto your device. Once the story has been downloaded, open it in Picuki and click on the All Posts button to see all of the posts from that story. To save a post for later viewing, click on the Save Post button located at the bottom of the post screen.

How To Download; Browse Stories using Picuki

Picuki is a free and easy-to-use Instagram story downloader. You can use it to download stories of all types, including public, private, and direct messages. You can also filter by type (public, private, direct messages), user, and hashtag.

To download a story: 

1. Open Picuki and sign in. 

2. Select the story you want to download. 

3. Click the “Download” button located at the top left corner of the selected story. 

4. You will be redirected to your computer’s Downloads folder where you will find the downloaded story file.

The Ultimate Instagram Editor and Viewer

Picuki is the ultimate Instagram editor and viewer. It allows you to save your favorite posts, view old posts, and share them with your friends. Picuki also has a built-in gallery that lets you see all of your posts in one place, as well as a search bar that makes it easy to find the post you’re looking for.

Benefits of Using Picuki

Picuki is a free Instagram story downloader that makes it easy to save your favorite stories for later. You can use Picuki to save any story, whether it’s from a public or private account. Picuki also includes tools to help you explore and analyze Instagram stories. You can find out which hashtags are being used in a story, see how many likes and comments the story has gotten, and see which posts are building up around the story. Picuki is a great tool for discovering new stories and for saving your favorite ones.


Since Instagram’s launch, one of the most popular features has been Stories. If you’re not familiar with Stories, it’s a way to share short videos or pictures highlighting your day-to-day life with your followers. Now, with Picuki, you can easily download all of the photos and videos that were included in a user’s Story. This is great news if you want to save all of the photos and videos for future reference or if you just want to have a closer look at a specific story.

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