San Antonio Air Duct Cleaning Avis Air Duct Cleaning

San Antonio Air Duct Cleaning Avis Air Duct Cleaning

San Antonio Air Duct Cleaning Avis Air Duct Cleaning is the most highly rated company to hook you up with duct cleaning. They are known for their integrity and high-quality services. The filters they use in their cleaning system speak for themselves as they are specially made and clean more than just airflow.

Air Filters & its Types 

The air you breathe is one of the most important things you take for granted. If you have ever felt like your nose was stuffed, it’s because there is a particle in the air that is making it difficult to breathe. Particles are made up of gases, and when these gases are combined, they form tiny particles. You may not be aware of it, but your air filter is taking care of many of these particles for you. There are 3 types of filters that you need to know about: mechanical filters, activated carbon filters and polarizer filters. 

Mechanical Filters

Mechanical filters are the oldest type of filter and they use screens to capture large particles. These screens can be made from different materials, including cloth, paper, or metal. Depending on the size of the particle, the filter will need to be replaced every month or so. 

Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filters are similar to mechanical filters in that they use screens to capture large particles. However, activated carbon also has pores that can trap smaller particles as well. This makes it a good choice for environments with high levels of dust and pollen. However, the activation process used to make carbon filters can produce a high level of waste. For this reason, many companies now use metal mesh over non-porous carbon. While inefficient, this type of filter is still able to capture particles. It just makes it difficult to measure exactly how much material has been captured.

Polarizer Filters

A polarizer filter uses crystals on opposite sides of a piece of glass to contain its internal light passing through the filter. The human eye cannot see these crystals as they are transparent, but each crystal transmits its own unique wavelength, which blocks out other waves. A polarized bulb with a white diffuser also achieves this result without the extra cost of a polarizing sheet and housing. 

Benefits Of Air Duct Cleaning

One of the best things about air duct cleaning is the many benefits it provides, both short-term and long-term. 

Short-Term Benefits: Dirty air ducts can lead to an increase in asthma symptoms and other respiratory issues. By scheduling a duct cleaning with Avis Air Duct Cleaning, you can help improve your home’s overall health and well-being. 

Long-Term Benefits: Improving air quality not only benefits your family’s well-being but your wallet as well. Not only will you be reducing your exposure to harmful toxins, but you may also find that your utility bills decrease as a result. 

How to Know When Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning?

You may be thinking that your air ducts just need a good airing out, but you may be wrong. Regular cleaning of your air ducts can help reduce the amount of dust, pollen, and other allergens in your home, and can also help improve the air quality. Here are four signs that your air ducts need cleaning:

  1. Your home smells bad 
  2. You start seeing dust bunnies in corners 
  3. You notice itchy eyes or respiratory issues 
  4. Your vents seem to be clogged up with debris

Is it Necessary To Replace the Furnace After Air Duct Cleaning Has Been Completed?

A lot of homeowners decide to have their air ducts cleaned. When they start seeing dust and debris build up in the corners of their homes. However, some homeowners wonder if it’s really necessary to replace the furnace after the air duct cleaning has been completed. 

How to Fix and Improve Air Flow in an HVAC System?

Airflow in an HVAC system can be improved by fixing common problems, such as debris build-up and blocked air vents. Here are some tips to help fix airflow problems in an HVAC system: 

  1. Clean the Air Filter: The first step to improving airflow is to clean the air filter. Dirty filters block airflow and can cause your system to work harder than necessary. Remove the filter and vacuum it clean using a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. 
  1. Clear Debris from the Exhaust System: Next, clear debris from the exhaust system. This includes objects sheds like leaves, flowers, and branches that can block airflow out of vents. 
  1. Fix Blocked Air Vents: Blocked air vents are another common cause of poor airflow in an HVAC system. To fix this problem, use a plunger to clear any obstructions. 
  1. Fans Evaporator and Condenser Fan: Fans located in the evaporator and condenser pan can help blow warm air from your home resulting in warmer homes and lower utility bills. 
  1. Hold Thermostat at close Temp: Next, hold the thermostat at a temperature that will be comfortable to you by not setting the heat to high or allowing the cool setting to get too cold.
  1. Check Air Vents Gaps: Inspect your HVAC system for air vents gaps or debris that may be blocking airflow throughout the system. 

How Does Avis Air Duct Cleaning Work?

Air ducts and registers are cleaned from the inside out using a high-velocity jet device that removes dirt, dust, and debris. All of this EPA-registered pollution control equipment is operated in a tightly controlled, mechanized room with positive air pressure. This prevents any pollutants from escaping into the environment.


It’s important to have your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis to keep the respiratory system clean and free of infections. Avis Air Duct Cleaning can help you get the job done right, in a timely manner, while also protecting your home from potential damage. Get a free estimate today!

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