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The uses 200 ml Plastic Bottle is perfect for many different purposes. This versatile bottle is made from recycled plastic, or rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate). Recycled plastic is highly effective for reducing the carbon footprint, and this type of bottle can be used for medical and healthcare applications. This bottle can also be recycled to reduce the waste created by production processes.


The uses of a 200 ml PET bottle can range from small-scale manufacturing to larger-scale manufacturing. Its clarity is comparable to that of a 750 mL glass bottle, yet is much lighter and shatter-resistant. Traditionally, this bottle type is used for storing liquor, but it’s also used for mouthwash, salad dressing, and liquid hand soap. Its shatterproof, tamper-evident cap makes it a valuable packaging material.

The 200-ml PET bottle is widely recyclable, making it an excellent choice for spirits. PCR-enhanced bottle designs enable bottle inventory benefits, and the bottle is also available with complementary closures. A new generation of PET bottle technology called the B Circular Range from Berry Global uses proprietary processes and engineering expertise to minimize a product’s impact on the environment. This innovative product is made with sustainability in mind, helping brands achieve their sustainability goals while improving the customer experience.

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The popular style of 200 ml PET bottles is widely recyclable and complements the bottle’s other attributes with complementary closures. The B-Circular Range from Berry Global leverages proprietary processes and engineering expertise to help brands reduce the environmental impact of their products. The oriented PET cap is particularly effective in preventing leakage and product contamination, and its grey tint is a good indication that the bottle is 100 per cent recycled plastic.

The rPET-200ml Plastic Bottle is 100% recycled and is perfect for multiple purposes. PET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate, and the bottle’s design is both lightweight and shatterproof. PET plastic also has a high clarity rating, making it ideal for shipping, while the white tamper-evident cap protects products from damage. This versatile, reusable 200 ml bottle can also be used for mouthwash and syrups.


There are many uses for a 200 ml plastic bottle. These bottles are great for storing a variety of products. They feature a 24mm plastic screw cap and an EPE lining to protect the contents from cross-contamination. PCR is also widely recyclable and is available in recycled content up to 100%. Many companies use this bottle as part of their point-of-purchase packaging. Listed below are a few of the many uses for a 200 ml bottle.

The most popular use for a 200 ml plastic bottle is as a general-purpose, multi-purpose container. The bottle’s high volume makes it an ideal choice for pharmaceutical and healthcare applications. Its low weight makes it easy to transport and is 100% recyclable. In addition to general-purpose uses, the 200 ml plastic bottle is also available in clear PET plastic. This bottle is shatterproof and is great for shipping. It can also be used for mouthwash.

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A plastic bottle made from LDPE or low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is a reusable container that is economical and resistant to many solvents. LDPE is the most widely used resin for plastic bottles. It is a naturally occurring liquid found in the geological formations underneath the Earth’s surface. The plastic is naturally translucent and flexible and lends itself to silk screen decoration. The material’s low strength limits its use in extreme temperatures, but it is available in various grades.

Low-density polyethylene is the most common plastic bottle used for household items. Its high-density counterpart is more rigid and chemical-resistant. Both types of polyethylene are recyclable. However, high-density polyethylene is less transparent than its low-density counterpart and is more resistant to heat than LDPE. It is also used for agricultural film and cable jacketing.

Pharma Glass

There are many different uses for the 200 ml Pharma Glass bottle. Among them is the packaging of medicines. These bottles are known for their high quality, durability, and efficiency. Here are some of the main Pharma Glass uses:

These bottles are 100% lead and toxic-free and are USP Type III certified. They have a specially designed neck and are also UV-resistant, ensuring that they are safe for pharmaceutical products and nutraceuticals. They can also be branded and contain warning labels to protect the contents. The amber glass allows the bottles to be protected from ultraviolet rays, so they’re an ideal choice for the packaging of tinctures, lotions, and aromatherapy oils.

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