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The 8-800 service is a single telephone number, convenient and easy to remember. All calls to this phone format are free for callers. Incoming calls will be sent to the client’s phone number. Mobile or office phone, call center, or reference and information service.

The main advantages of this offer

  • Calls for the client are free from anywhere in the country.
  • A single phone for communication between the client and the company throughout the USA.
  • The number is easy to remember and therefore easy to use for advertising.
  • It’s suitable for employees who are on the road or on a business trip, as well as working at home. Communication with the company is free.
  • More flexibility. VoIP helps you add as many phone lines as you want (and as many as your Internet connection allows). There is no need to install additional hardware telephone lines, which is expensive and time-consuming. This technology makes it easy to add (or remove) a new line as your business changes. Connect one phone to each of the VoIP lines and equip all your company’s offices.
  • Integration with other services via the Internet is available. This includes video calling, messaging and data exchange during a call, audio conferencing, address book management, and receiving information about whether other subscribers are available for a call.

If you don’t have audio conferencing equipment, you can still use any smartphone. The service helps quickly dial your most frequently used numbers. This type offers programmable keys to store your favorite numbers. You can reach the person you are calling with the touch of a button. Without having to dial the whole number or consult the phone book.

History and benefits

Today, the toll free number is not a tribute to fashion but an integral part of the activities of any successful growing company. The first free phones that started with 800 appeared back in 1967 in the United States of America. The first major company to start using this technology was the world famous Coca-Cola. The purpose of such a service was that the one who was being called paid for the connection. That is, the company’s customers could make free calls and the company itself paid for the communication services.


The image is one of the engines of progress, namely the development of the company, so it’s recommended to buy toll free number for USA for large companies, enterprises, and banks. This service allows you to effectively expand your client base and look solid in the eyes of potential investors. At the same time, not only large companies should purchase such a number. You can become even more accessible to your customers due to the Freezvon toll free number, even if you are the owner of a private enterprise or a small company.

After all, if they can call you for free, they will certainly contact your company more than once. It will allow your company to reach a new level of sales because the client will be able to immediately contact you and make a purchase. Therefore, you should not save on this service because the company will increase its income in the long run, even despite the cost of telephone communications.

A dedicated hotline number is one of the best solutions in terms of price-quality ratio. After all, it is this service that allows you to answer all the calls of the client, preventing him from going to competitors.

Choose and buy a number 8 800 for business

A mentioned phone number can be safely called one of the components of the success of any company. After all, the more identical numbers in it, the easier it is to remember not only by employees but also by partners and potential customers. That is why more and more companies that care about their image and income are thinking about how to get the number 8 800, which will be easy to remember. Companies offering their products on TV or via the Internet are literally hunting for mentioned types of numbers. After all, sometimes it is enough for a client to see such a phone once and remember it for a long time.

The image concept for any company has a completely material dimension. You are guaranteed to get new loyal customers by investing in a convenient connection. Toll free number technology cannot be viewed as a simple expense item. It is, first of all, a profitable investment in your own business.

It’s simple: you can choose an attractive number 8 800, 8 855, 8 844, 8 877, or 8 888, connect it and see for yourself how convenient free communication is for customers! As for our Freezvon company, we guarantee high-quality services, round-the-clock support, and personal service. We will provide detailed advice and assist in the selection of additional services. If you have any questions about SIP technology, connecting virtual PBX to mobile devices, or want to use the services we offer, contact specialists and they will help you make the right choice.

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