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Trinidad Valentin was born in 1976 and will turn 45 in 2021. She is of Filipino-Chinese descent, one of six children. Her father is a former San Francisco 49ers linebacker named Willie Harper. In 1993, Trinidad and Saweetie Harper welcomed a daughter, Saweetie. Trinidad has six siblings, including three sons and one daughter. Trinidad Valentin’s net worth is currently unknown.

Saweetie’s mother

Although she is not known for her rap career, Trinidad Valentine is better known as the mother of hip hop star Saweetie. The beautiful actress was exposed by her daughter in the 2020 episode of The Icy Life. In addition to being beautiful, Trinidad loves animals and travels. Trinidad has a Wikipedia article about her. In addition to being a mother to a famous hip hop star, Trinidad is also an aspiring model.

Trinidad was an adolescent at the time when she gave birth to Saweetie. Her mother’s lack of maturity made it difficult for her to raise a child. Trinidad, however, encouraged Saweetie’s dreams to become a rapper, even though she was disapproving of her YouTube series. Trinidad later disapproved of Saweetie’s career as a rapper, but the young entrepreneur waved her off and continued on her path to success.

Trinidad Valentin’s relationship with Johnny Harper

One of the most well-known hip-hop artists and models in the United States is Trinidad Valentin. Born in Trinidad, she is famous for her work as a music model. She has become an international star and has earned over $5 million in net worth. Her relationship with Johnny Harper was a romantic one, and she was supportive of his career and the family’s growth. Trinidad Valentin and Johnny Harper have a daughter, Saweetie.

Known for her role as the mother of the popular audio personality Saweetie, Trinidad Valentin has been a well-known figure in the National community. When she met Johnny Harper, she was 17 years old. She was married at that young age and had six children. She has not been open about her relationship with Johnny, and her mom did not have her own Wikipedia biography. Trinidad had two children with Johnny and a sister, and they lived in the Central Valley.

Trinidad Valentin’s body measurements

Trinidad Valentin is a famous model, actress and rapper from the Philippines. She was born in 1976 and will turn 45 years old in 2021. She is of Chinese and Filipina descent. Her parents have seven children. Trinidad’s father, Willie Harper, is a former linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers. She was small when she was a teenager and became famous after her first marriage. She has also appeared in various music videos.

After marriage, Trinidad Valentin had a baby. She continued to work hard to support her family, which has made her famous. Her career as a music model has helped her to earn millions of dollars. She has a supportive husband, Johnny Harper. She was also inspired to start her career as a model after Johnny Harper’s idea for a music video. Trinidad’s body measurements are listed below. The measurements are given as a guideline only, so that you can make an informed decision.

Trinidad Valentin’s net worth

In addition to being a popular celeb member, Trinidad Valentin has a net worth of $2.5 million. Born in California, Trinidad was a popular model and audio model in her early years. She worked as a web model before appearing in music videos, including those by DMX and Nelly. Trinidad is the mother of Saweetie, a famous audio personality. Despite the fact that Trinidad has a small net worth, she has worked hard to earn her net worth.

Born in 1976, Trinidad Valentin’s parents are of Chinese and Filipina descent. Her mother is a former National product, and her father was a professional football player. Trinidad and Johnny Harper have two children, Saweetie and Milan. Trinidad’s net worth is unknown, as it is primarily tied to the earnings of her daughter and her partner, Saweetie. But it’s safe to say that she has a great deal of talent and is well-known for her singing.

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