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Laser checking of plastics

Laser checking of plastic, or plastic etching, is an interaction during what parts are named or set apart with the guide of a laser. The polymer that the plastic parts are made of directs the strategies utilized and the energy input expected to laser the plastic. The consequence of the laser checking depends, to a critical degree, on the kind of plastic, added substances like colors, and the sort of laser. Laser stamping is a non-contact optical cycle where the plastic needs to ingest the laser bar. This conduct is likewise utilized in the laser welding of plastics, during which one welding accomplice retains the laser shaft and the other welding accomplice is straightforward for the laser bar.

Numerous plastics and thermoplastics can be laser stamped. Should a plastic’s properties imply that it can’t be laser checked, it can typically be changed with a reasonable added substance or master batch for plastic laser stamping. Added substances, for example, various colors can likewise impact the limit with regards to laser stamping.


Laser stamping is turning out to be an ever-increasing number of successive modern applications as they are viewed as especially solid and give various benefits. Laser stamping is incredibly vigorous and resistant to fabrication. Its application can likewise be of a great.

Further benefits of Marcado laser plasticos checking (versus customary stamping advancements) are:

Extremely durable stamping, as it is waterproof, wear-and intensity safe, lightfast, and impervious to synthetic substances

Greatest adaptability in the stamping plan – additionally appropriate for areas that are difficult to get to

Non-contact process

            – furthermore, in this manner no mileage for devices and no expenses for consumables, for example, synthetics, inks, and so on.

            – the material remaining parts are liberated from strain, pressures, and trimmings so that reliably uniform outcomes can be ensured

Healthy surface (variety change)

Straightforward dealing with, no pre or post-treatment required


During the laser checking through laser pillar openness, the plastics go through optical surface changes. An assortment of laser media are utilized here, and these contrast in how the laser is produced. A differentiation is drawn between gas, color, and strong state lasers. During the lasering of plastic, the outcome is affected by the sort of laser as well as by the frequency utilized. For most laser stamping applications, strong state lasers, for example, Nd: YAG, fiber lasers, and CO2 lasers are the ideal bar sources.

At Ensinger, effective preliminaries have been performed with the Nd: YAG strong state laser. This laser is likewise utilized oftentimes by and by.

Nd: YAG represents neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser. It utilizes a neodymium-doped YAG precious stone as a functioning medium. The best outcomes were gotten at a frequency of 1064nm – this is likewise the one that is most often utilized.


Laser stamping is progressively supplanting regular printing strategies. Especially in the naming of plastics, laser stamping has formed into a laid-out technique. Most importantly, it has become more significant concerning quality confirmation and recognizability. The plastics are now and again given standardized tags, articles, or clump numbers for special recognizable proof. Endless applications across all enterprises benefit from this. These include:

  • Packaging parts produced using plastic
  • Electronic parts
  • Circuit sheets for vehicle parts
  • Instruments and device handles

Not all superior execution plastics are naturally fit for being laser stamped. For instance, POM (acetal) and polyamide PA without change ordinarily show no variety change after stamping with a NdYAG laser. Ensinger in this manner offers a chosen arrangement of plastic stock shapes which are truly reasonable for laser checking. These incorporate TECAFORM AH LM white, TECSON P MT, and TECAPEEK regular. Lasering POM, specifically, is many times a test, which is the reason TECAFORM AH LM white has been changed with a laser added substance.

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