Wyatt McClure – Meet The Newest Addition To The “Young Sheldon” Cast

Wyatt McClure – Meet The Newest Addition To The “Young Sheldon” Cast

Today, there are some big changes happening to the Young Sheldon cast. A popular actor has been newly added, which will be a recurring character that replaces Young Sheldon’s younger brother, Brogan. Today, get to know Wyatt McClure and what his role will entail.

Wyatt’s Bio

Wyatt McClure will make his Young Sheldon debut later this season as Jimmy, the new best friend of Sheldon. McClure is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, where he studied theatre and improv. He has appeared in shows such as The Office, Cobie Smulders’ Amazon series Grace and Frankie, and TNT’s Dallas. McClure is also a stand-up comedian and has released two comedy albums.

Acting Background

Wyatt McClure is a newcomer to the Young Sheldon cast, but don’t let that fool you. He has some experience in acting and has even done some work on Broadway. McClure will play Montgomery “Sherlock” Kripke on the show, which is interesting because many people think he was the inspiration for the character Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory.

Acting Career

Wyatt McClure is making his debut on The Young Sheldon cast, and he’s definitely not one to be overlooked. Here are five facts about the new addition to the show:

  1. Wyatt has been working in theatre for quite some time now, primarily honing his skills at regional theatres in Texas.
  1. He’s appeared in a number of TV shows and movies since starting his acting career, including Pitch Perfect 3 and Die Hard With A Vengeance.
  1. Wyatt is really excited to take on the role of Young Sheldon’s friend and foil, Jimmy Pritchett. McClure says that Jimmy is “really fun and mischievous” and he can’t wait to show viewers what he’s made of.
  1. Fans of The Big Bang Theory will recognise Wyatt from a guest appearance he made on season 10 as the love interest of Raj’s daughter Priya. McClure says that the experience was “incredibly humbling” and that he learned a lot from watching Jim Parsons perform on the show.
  1. Wyatt is looking forward to sharing more adventures with Sheldon (Johnny Galecki) in future episodes of The Young Sheldon series. He says that the character gets to explore some “great” stuff with the adult Sheldon, as well as experience all of the “funny misadventures” that he himself never did.”

Some Quick Facts about Wyatt

The Young Sheldon cast has been growing by the day and Wyatt McClure just joined the bunch! The 10-year-old actor from Cleveland will play a major role in the upcoming season of Young Sheldon. Wyatt sat down with Back to Your Entertainment News to talk about his experience on set so far and what excited him most about his upcoming role.

Born with an inclination for acting, McClure pursued his love for the craft through improvisation and theatre productions from a young age. After landing his first major TV roles in 2018 in Disney XD’s Junior Ultra Challenge and Freeform’s Younger, McClure is quickly establishing himself as a promising young actor. In this exclusive interview with Back to Your Entertainment News, McClure shares his thoughts on joining the Young Sheldon cast, what he loves most about playing Sheldon, and teases some exciting fan-favourite scenes in store for Season 2. Keep an eye out for Wyatt McClure in Young Sheldon Season 2, premiering October 12 on CBS All Access!

Wyatt McClure’s Role on The Young Sheldon Show 

He has been cast in a major role on The Young Sheldon Show, and we have the scoop on what he’ll be playing. Wyatt McClure is set to play Sheldon’s best friend, Jimmy. Jimmy is a kind-hearted, fun-loving guy who helps Sheldon to open up and feel comfortable in his new environment. Jimmy also provides comic relief and will make for some great television.

The Young Sheldon team was so happy to find an actor like Wyatt McClure. Who could match the calibre of talent that they already had in place for Sheldon. McClure is most known for his roles on The Mindy Project and Bunheads. But he has also appeared in movies like Postcards from the Edge and Sully. He will make a huge impact on The Young Sheldon Show and we can’t wait to see him in action!

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